Once a project is running bad, it is usually not enough to only come up with the standard PM methods, as with the offerings from ‘The Works’.

 Project management

Quite often the responsible programme/project manager is in need of personal coaching and advise on how to deal with the situation at hand. Definitely where it concerns their personal approach and their role in the change to be. There is the need of a break through (in the common processes, procedures, thinking patterns) to adequately and definitely escape from the unwanted situation. The programme/project manager holds a crucial and leading position with this change.

Personal Coaching
Building on the experience as crisis manager and the handling of crisis situations, Improvement Works offers you in-depth personal coaching of the programme/project manager together with their team. From a position as personal coach we will guide the programme/project manager to deal with the negative situation at hand quickly, effectively and definitely.
Apart form the above you could opt to involve Improvement Works as interim manager, or as programme/project manager, to provide you with the wanted solution.



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