PEP® The Personal Efficiency Program
PEP® is a very practical in-company training, at the workplace, making employees conscious of their working attitude, work systems and work planning.
A training focussed on a permanent improvement of the personal efficiency. Achieved by practical advice and personal coaching, ensuring and enabling that the advice is put into practice immediately.

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 PEP® The Personal Efficiency Programme

Do not work harder and longer, but smarter and with more pleasure.
Lots of employees have not actually learned how to organise their work efficiently. The Personal Efficiency Programme is a training exactly aimed on that. It is most effective with employees experiencing a high work pressure and wanting to diminish that. It is a must for all looking for more peace and control in their daily job.
The training will be in-company and handles mostly at the location of the personal workplace of the participant. It is there where the handed theory and tips are turned into a personal action plan and put into practice.
The Personal Efficiency Program (PEP®) is suitable for almost every official in an organisation, from directors, managers, staff and other in-directs, through to administrative personnel and support staff. With PEP®  almost every employee can improve their personal effectiveness and efficiency in a measureable way.

Individually or in a team
The group size can vary. It can be from two to six or seven students. With teams there is even the possibility to go up to fourteen students. You can opt for a heterogeneous group, or you may prefer to come with exactly one team or department. With the latter you will experience that not only the efficiency of each student separately will improve, that also the performance of the team as a whole. Positive side effect will be that there is a clear and positive team building effect from this.

A practical and personal approach
The PEP® (standard) training starts with two plenary blocks of theory. Subsequently each and every student will be visited at the personal workplace a few times over time to ensure the theory is optimally put into practice. During these visits at the workplace the students will receive tasks directly related to their own job. Learning and doing at the same time. A personal action plan will provide the students with a clear view to go by and it also acts as support and referencing tool with the follow-up visits.
With the individual attention words are put into deeds.
The coaching will be over a longer period, because no one can change their behaviour over night. The students will really learn things and develop new routines by practicing new working attitude frequently and over a longer period of time.

What does PEP® bring?
Our students do not only save time. They also have more focus on their primary tasks and gain more overview of their activities. Even managers and employees who initially were rather sceptical about the PEP® training, afterwards appear to have accomplished improvements they did not think of as realistic beforehand.
And what does PEP® bring? Benchmark results show: an average of 10% personal productivity improvement. It leads to improved work planning, more control, more peace, more service minded.

PEP® variants: always a suitable training.
Improvement Works offers you several possibilities to adjust the PEP® training exactly to your specific wishes and needs. Combinations of trainings are always an option. Combinations with ‘The Works’ trainings and workshops can also be discussed.



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