People are often promoted to higher, often managerial positions, mostly based on their operational performance. But what attention has been given to their communicative performance?


When promoted people will usually be trained in their new job of (project) manager. What sadly often is forgotten is specific attention to their communicative skills and competences.
From own experience it shows that typically where this concerns technicians, these people are very competent in their job, but mostly not as competent in good and easy with communicating. If you take into account that for each and every manager, certainly project managers, it is of vital importance to be able to communicate well and on different levels.
So what is that than: “good communication”? And how does that go about?
For this purpose Improvement Works has developed a simple and effective training, specifically targeted at (project-) managers, having trouble with effective communication.
The set up of the training is very practical, with all kinds of useful and also pleasant exercises and interactions between the students. The training takes a day and is suited for a group of four to eight students. During the day the students will be confronted with subjects like: the different aspects of presenting, informing, negotiating, discussing. When to apply what and which technique is suitable to which situation? There will be attention to communicating effectively, with practical exercises for specific situations.

In the end the students will have a better understanding of how to communicate and most of all the awareness of their contribution to it.


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