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Does everybody always have enough time to finish all their work? Is everybody as capable and competent in communicating? Do you ever experience a project going wrong?

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 Personal development

Improvement Works offers you ready for use and also custom made training and coaching as solution for these and similar situations.

The Personal Efficiency Program PEP® is unique and specifically focussed on achieving a lasting improvement in personal efficiency of all office employees (office staff). PEP® results in an increase in efficiency of 10% on average. PEP® is fully owned by PEP®Worldwide.We can arrange PEP® programs by being a licenced member of PEP®Worldwide.

Improvement Works has developed a specific training module for project leaders and managers who ask for development of and coaching with their communication skills.

A project may turn out to become critical, in one way or another. To get and to keep the project, but actually the team and the leaders/managers, back on track, we offer trainings and workshops, as well as personal coaching, and also interim management as possible solution.



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