Improving –or in other words- changing is a process that will need appropriate time and attention. Time because people have to adjust to new, changed work methods; attention because you expect the set goal to be achieved and that it will last over time. .

 Change Management

You will expect cost and end date to be fixed upfront and that they will not change without serious reasons.
With our vast knowledge, experience and views, as professional coach (facilitator) of so called “KaiZen” trainings, we can guarantee that you will optimally adhere to afore mentioned criteria. Since your tainer/facilitator has acted as crisis manager, as critical situations manager as well as facilitator of many KaiZen workshops you are accompanied by someone that has learned to adopt to many different situations. You and your teams will be guided with proper advise during the definition of the Corrective Action Plan.

“The Works” KaiZen trainings and workshops
Changing always implies: working very hard and intensively during a certain period, usually with high expectations on the outcome. It is therefore advised to learn how changing is to be performed. With the KaiZen trainings and workshops students learn in a team to accept change, create ownership and subsequently turn the change into clearly formulated goals and realistic action plans.


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