The World keeps on revolving and with that the environment of your organisation keeps on changing. This way setting strategic policies is in fact a continuous process.

 Strategy Development

Good policy makers have a good sense for changes in their environment and react impulsively and creatively. The adjusted policy needs to be transferred quickly and deployed adequately to and by all parts of the organisation. How can we ensure that the transition from strategical policy to operational goals is performed correctly? Which results contribute optimally to achieving the set targets? How to distribute the activities most efficiently?
The trainings summarised below will strengthen your capabilities and offer you and your organisation a solid structure for quick and fluent handling of (new) formulated policies. The training will help you to communicate your policies in:
  • clearly formulated goals
  • deployment of targets into lower level department goals
  • necessary activities, schedule and responsibilities
  • measure of contribution of results to the set targets
Optimally adjust to your changing environment.

“The Works” Workshop to set Vision, Mission, Goals
Your management team works cooperatively in a facilitated session of half a day to one day to identify the strategical policy.
The objective of the session is to achieve consensus on the next subjects:
  • Vision: identification of the so called “view of the promised land”
  • Mission: identification of the tasks the organisation will take upon itself, to reach the “promised land”
  • Goals: those measuring points that undoubtedly indicate if you are still on the right course in reaching the “promised land”, within the set limits
“The Works” Training in deployment of goals
The method to be learned is as simple as efficient. Managers will, together with their team, deploy, formulate and document the company goals into department goals in a structured way, using a session of half a day. If the company goals derive from the Vision-Mission-Goals workshop, you will equip the managers with a clear and structured basis for this. Identifying the formulated goals as ‘SMART’ and identification of responsibles complete the deployment by resulting in a complete plan of approach for all departments.


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