In a project organisation with matrix structure you can identify three roles, all identified by ‘PM’. What we mean are the PM as People Manager, the PM as Project Manager and the PM as Process Manager.

 Process Management

These three roles are quite specific because:
- all of them determine the result of the work
- the one cannot do without the other two
- each role has its own specific interests
- these interests appear to be conflicting from time to time
- two separate roles could be performed by one and the same person
The three  “PM’s” work closely together in a kind of triangular affair. We call this triangle “the competitive triangle”.
It is of great importance to distinguish between the three different roles and to make clear agreements on ‘who does what’ and on ‘whom is responsible for what’. This is the only way to keep the PM-triangle in balance. Imbalance will lead to friction and loss of efficiency, ultimately leading to failure of projects, increase of cost and budget overrun.
Improvement Works will support you and your PMs to specify the three roles in your situation to reach a good and clear collaboration within the “PM-triangle”. The simple awareness that these roles exist and clear agreements on the contents and scope of these roles leads to prevention of misunderstanding and saves you time and effort. Moreover: this will result in increase of productivity and more pleasant collaboration between the subsequent teams as well as between all individuals involved.

Process development
For process (re-)engineering it is advised to arrange for a group session with all involved. The theory of process management is explained in one combined training/workshop and subsequently the team actively works on engineering the process. The process outlines are designed and documented based upon the brought input data: entry criteria, exit criteria and customer expectations. This method perfectly fits into the Lean Six Sigma approach (DMAIC).


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