Document management is an important aspect of your organisation.
You would like to handle revisions and versions adequately. An accessible and clear document structure; both for the human user, as well as for machine operations, is crucial then.

 Document Management

Proper advise on document management. Pragmatic solutions and indepth knowledge.

Improvement Works has all necessary detailed experience on several aspects of document management. We have indepth knowledge of topics like:
- document management en document beheer
- configuratie management en configuratie beheer
- life cycle management

Based upon practical experience from within R&D, we know the complete process of document control inside and out. From initial product idea, through to end of life and all that lies inbetween. As no other we know all that is involved with the document flow, document handling, document treatment, archive control, as well as measures for access control. Using our experience we can analyse your situation and your needs and provide you with a suitable advise.

With documentation we distinguish between two main users: the human on one hand, the machine on the other. For humans it is of great importance to have easy access to any document. This concerns: finding an existing document, reading the document title, understanding the required numbering and naming of any new document, knowing the structure for revisions, knowing the status ('validity') of any document. In short: a human has to be able to understand what it is all about easily, as writer and as reader of the document.
On the other hand there is the machine: the computer that digitally saves, controls, archives, shows and prints our documents for us. The machine on its turn also needs to have simple and specific access to the documents. Machines however have specific requirements of their own, other than those of humans. We do still talk about one and the same document, mind you. So we need to manage both sets of requirements and have them implemented in the set up of the document structure.
We have lots of experience and knowledge in creating such document structures. We can be of great service to you in this area. What we can offer you is the complete design of your document structure, including archiving and maintenance requirements. What we ask of you is to show us your internal demands concerning documentation. Topics like: access rights and protection, terms of validity of documents, revision and configuration requirements, single or multiple languages per document, concept generation and authorisation (levels).

MicroSoft SharePoint
Next to document management expertise we have several years of intensive experience in the use and application of MicroSoft SharePoint and its functions. with this our knowledge, experience and expertise in the area of document management shows to be of great added value. We are practical experts in the area of specific user demands and implementation requests. You can think of implementations for: indexes, status rapports, agenda’s for meetings and for actions, document control, department archive, index of goals and achieved results, and so on. In short: the use of SharePoint as support by increasing the efficiency and effectivity, especially where it concerns multidisciplinary and international departments and projects. We make use of SharePoint designers for the practical realisation.
With an analysis of your situation we gladly provide you with a proposal on how to increase your efficiency even more.


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