Improvement Works is licensed for the PEP® program by PEP®-Worldwide and is member of the global network of PEP®-Worldwide.

 PEP® Worldwide

PEP® (the Personal Efficiency Program) exists for over 25 years. PEP® is fully owned by PEP®-Worldwide. The programme is used in about 20 countries, all over the world, in almost any language you can think of. PEP®-Worldwide continuously adapts PEP® to the latest technological and organisational changes. As such the programme ensures to stay aligned to the latest developments and demands in the market. Improvement Works is an active member of the PEP®-Worldwide community, thus we ensure to constantly be aligned with latest developments.

More than 5.500 people attend the PEP® program in the Netherlands each year, conducted by over 30 trainers. Improvement Works closely collaborates with the colleague PEP® trainers and PEP® organisations in the BeNeLux. With large assignments we will make use of these experienced colleagues PEP®-trainers. With any such assignment Improvement Works always holds ultimate responsible for the quality of the training and the achieved results.



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