This training will be a good preparation to an (internal or external) removal. This ensures a quick and well organised start in the new working environment.

 Efficient removal PEP®

Target audience:
Managers and their teams who want to have as least hindrance and as much pleasure as possible from a removal. For those who want to use the occasion to get rid of bad working attitudes and leave them behind, with the other junk.

Start already in the present location with drastically reducing the amount of paper. Setting up new work systems with a minimum of time loss and an optimised use of the new work situation in the new environment.

A removal offers a perfect opportunity to review work attitudes and to adjust them where required. There will be two group sessions and four consecutive individual visits to the work place Each student will need to invest about fourteen hours. We can keep in contact with one or more students during the period, by phone or email, if so required and agreed.

Subjects that will be addressed are good use of the computer and the digital agenda, the set up of an accessible archive, the use of digital archives, common archives, agreements on the control of emails. Optionally we can address control of agenda and work planning.

Set up of the programme:
Step 1:
Group session with introduction to the PEP® principles work attitude and the work system and the identification of personal goals. Some of the subjects will be the reduction of delay, the control of email and other information flows and the architecture of the desk and the (digital) archive.
Step 2:
Individual visits to the work place of about one hour. Some of the subjects are archiving, handling of (digital) mail and other information.
Stap 3:
The possibility of a Group session with introduction to the PEP® principles of work planning. Some of the subjects are task and time management, short term versus long term planning, proactive control of the agenda and efficiënt use of digital tools like Outlook, GroupWise and Lotus Notes. Of course there will also be another individual visit to the work place.
Step 4:
Individual visits to the work place of about one hour. Some of the subjects are information handling, task analysis, the set up and comply with a work planning, communicating clearly, the handling of interruptions and developing a proactive work attitude. The progress the student has made in achieving the personal goals will be discussed.



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