Your people more efficient. Your company more effective.

The Personal Efficiency Programme ® stimulates managers and employees from all kinds of office environments to work more professionally and more effectively. With that it improves both the personal as well as the team efficiency.

 PEP® Trainings

The PEP® programme is a practical and result driven training at the workplace ensuring a noticeable improvement in productivity of all having to do with PCs and a paper flow. This training is much more than a time management training and it will lead to measurable better performance of employees and teams. Working efficiently enables you to achieve your personal, company or department goals. PEP® is a way of thinking, feeling and above all a way of doing.
With PEP®  trainings we think and work along practical opportunities and enablers and focus on a permanent change in behaviour of our students.

Measurable effects of the training
To show the effect of PEP® a zero measure is performed with each student, prior to the start of the training: the pre-PEP® analysis. The post-PEP® analysis is performed with the final visit. The results are then presented in a report. This is an even simple as clear and effective way to demonstrate the effect of the training.

Results - PEP® works!
A PEP® training will give you measurable gain in time. Experience shows that in many cases this can run up to four hours per person per week. Next to that there are clear improvements in the personal area, as PEP® will release work pressure and will provide the employees with more confidence. In case all of the departments have been trained, the sum of the effects will be even more.

PEP Resultaten



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