This version of the training is typically arranged for teams and departments having a challenge in the area of team efficiency. This is a custom built training. The exact set up depends upon the wishes of the client.

 PEP® Team training

Target audience:
Clients having a need in support of improvement in efficiency of teams, be it with collective archiving, coordination of collective work processes or possibly of work meetings and team goals.

The Team Efficiency Programme (Team-PEP®) aims for collective structuring of information and Work processes of teams. Personal structuring with the individual employee is a primary condition and therefore a part of Team-PEP® for those students which have not participated in any PEP® course yet. Depending on the situation and the wishes of the customer the team aspect could be restricted to collective digital archiving only, or be expanded to a collective information system for all of the team.

By using one or more plenary sessions, either a workshop for digital department archiving is organised, or an analysis of collaboration obstacles is performed and solutions are identified. The trainer will signal inefficient patterns and help the team find practical solutions to those. The training can be completed with a plenary session, to ensure all findings will be implemented by policies and procedures.

With the Team-PEP® programme there will be personal coaching for all on the work place. This is an essential part of the programme, to ensure a lasting change and to embed the results. The students will recognise with each other the positive results coming from the programme; this leads to a confirming and strengthening effect.

Variant A: Team-PEP® with digital archiving:
Standard PEP®, with an additional module ‘archiving’. With archiving a point of attention will be the collective folder structure, suitable to be used digitally, as well as in desk drawers, as in cabinets and in files. Focus will be on personal efficiency, personal planning and collective information provisioning and information control.

Variant b: Team-PEP® with digital archiving and collective planning:
The standard PEP®, with an additional module ‘archiving’ as well as for collective planning. The focus will be on personal efficiency, planning and collective planning as well as collective archiving and collective information provisioning.



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